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Therapeutic Shiatsu

Shiatsu is the Japanese art form of massage.  Literally meaning pressure (atsu) of the fingers (shi).  Shiatsu is therefore a stimulation of the body by ones hands, fingers and sometimes the feet.  The practice is based on the natural tendency of letting the body heal itself and at the same time harmonizing the spirit of the soul.

Shiatsu is an official medicine used in Japan.  Defined in 1955 by the ministry of health as the following -  « Shiatsu is a form of manipulation that uses the thumbs and palms, without any mechanical instruments.  Pressure is applied to the human skin to correct any bad internal functions.  It also helps to maintain health and is used for the treatment of specific illnesses ».

In Europe, it is the « number one » of eight different approaches to be recognised as « non-conventional treatments » (resolution of the European Parliament 29th May 1997).

Regardless of the area, the principles of Shiatsu are based on the gradual pressure applied on the surface of the body.  This enables the deep muscles to relax and become supple again, thus encouraging relaxation and the circulation of energy in the body.

Shiatsu helps the body to heal and eliminates physiological, biomechanical and psychological tension, which is often found to be a sign of imbalance within the body.

The practice helps us to find the harmony and unity within oneself.  The practitioner is just the catalyst to help kick start the healing process of the body and mind.

Shiatsu promotes a deeper understanding of the clients’ health and needs. 

Bertrand Caillet