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Biokenergy is a technique created thirty years ago by Michel Lidoreau, physiotherapist and osteopath. In collaboration with an acupuncturist, he assimilated osteopathic and Chinese medical techniques.
Only a trained physiotherapist can practise Biokenergy and it takes a further four years of study in Michel Lidoreau’s school in order to gain a diploma.

Biokenergy is useful for anyone who feels physical or psychological difficulties.
This practice takes care of the whole person and is based on gentle manipulation.
The practitioner will discover any malfunctions of the body with a gentle touch and will reveal the origin of the pain.

Tensions and obstructions cause the body to lose its balance, which results in symptoms and illness. Back pain, stress, poor digestion and sleeplessness are uncomfortable manifestations that suggest the failure of one or several organic functions, indicating that a consultation may be helpful.
After a physical trauma, if you balance the body it will recover more quickly.
This practice is also efficient in preparing the body for surgery.

A biokenergy session lasts one hour during which the natural balance will be returned to the body. The gentle and comprehensive way of practising can have a lasting effect whatever the initial complaint.
Biokenergy uses a mixture of techniques that have originated from different therapies and is therefore an effective treatment for a wide variety of problems.
A few sessions are usually sufficient for the patient to recover their balance.

After a session it is normal to feel stiff or tired, this is the body releasing toxins and cleansing itself. However pain and tension will rapidly disappear leaving bones, vertebrae, and organs with full mobility.
Once the body is fully harmonized, it can function perfectly once again, promoting a healthy life.

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